PR Tips

What Is PR?

This question doesn’t come with a simple answer. 

Public relations can seem like an all-encompassing industry. And, in some ways, it is. Nearly every part of your business has some kind of impact on your public image. PR affects mostly every part of your business too.

Your reasons for seeking out PR support will depend on your business and your unique needs. Finding a grounded publicist who’s well-connected and respected in the field and who vibes with your work — these are the stories of my collaborative PR dreams.

But if you’re not there yet, if you’re still trying to figure out what PR is and if this is the right investment for you, stick with me for a bit. Learn how PR can amplify your sales and take you and your business goals to new heights. I’m about to break it all down and give you the public relations basics. And I’ll tell you a bit about my unique approach to PR in this important moment in time. Sooooo let’s get to it!

The PR Industry

PR of the Past

PR sometimes lives in a sort of idealized story of “the way things used to be.” A lot of the public’s exposure to PR is based on news stories and scandals where publicists are navigating the cheeky exposures of higher-ups at huge firms. Plenty of people think of those sorts of stories when they’re envisioning the PR field and what it’s all about. 

There is some truth to it, and maybe historically there has been glamour and fame to the publicist name. But those stories represent one very limited dimension of this work. 

Yes, you want someone on your team who can help you. And, ideally, they really are part of your team — they manage tough situations. They know your business, your brand, and the work you’re doing in the world. They can answer questions and solve problems because they understand your audience, your purpose, and your vision for the presence your business has in public.

PR of the Present

These days, though, more than scandals or even mainstream press releases and launches, the field of public relations is changing rapidly in an information-dense and tech-centered world.. 

Think about how you consume information. Are you really drawn to sit down daily with three or four lengthy journal articles about corporations? Or might you, like me, appreciate the convenience of a down-to-earth listicle now and then? 

In my opinion, at this moment PR is more about getting the most notable facts about your business, product, or vibe out there. Because, like you, reporters don’t have time to read 5000 emails a day, let alone super lengthy press releases. 

So, in seeking out PR support, you want to look for someone who actually gets what you’re up to. You want us to be able to explain your story in the perfect amount of detail, without exhausting the recipient. We need to get to the point and cut out the fluff

How I Roll in PR

When it comes down to it, though, I am not your average publicist. And, even as the PR field is ever-changing, we’ve got a pretty unique perspective when it comes to PR at Symbiotic Public Relations.. 

Of course, we listen to your goals, center your target audience, and integrate the current norms. So what’s different? We think outside the box. We’re inventive, always reaching beyond the bounds of industry norms. We create PR strategies that surpass your expectations. Because it’s not just who sees your brand but how they see you.

It’s such a unique time to be in business. We aim to make the most of our clients’ creative spirits, your potent visions, and the integrity of your offerings in a way that meets the public right here, right now.

So What Is a Publicist? 

Maybe you know us as PR reps, agents, or publicists. But what’s the name of the game here? 

How do you know you’re working with a professional? What do you want to look for when you’re seeking public relations support for your business?

If you don’t know already, it’s Micaela Schuffman speaking here. And I’m a publicist. But there isn’t one specific task that defines me or succinctly describes the work I do. 

Instead, this job incorporates the many dimensions it takes to bring your voice and vision to your (potential) clients and customers. 

But we have to start a PR campaign let’s start somewhere. Generally speaking, publicists manage your public relations campaigns. We may write pitches, join you on creative calls within the company, support with strategy, and connect with journalists and other media professionals to enhance your image.

In addition to reaching out to the media and connecting you to the public, many publicists do a lot of internal consulting with you to enhance your image and the ways you project it to the world.

Not Your Average PR

So if you hire someone like me to do your PR, what’s the gig? 

I founded Symbiotic Public Relations because I’m good at this work — connecting, supporting the quality of your image while enhancing your audience’s connection and loyalty to your business. All of it contributes to your business’s overall growth.

But I approach the work differently than some of the publicists I know. I don’t want my clients to think of me as an outside hire who they have to meet with bimonthly to fix image problems. I want us to know each other, for them to call me by my name. I want us to work together towards a positive, impactful public presence for your business.

I strive to show up in an indispensable way for my clients. I want to be an integral part of their team, providing my knowledge and experience in CPG and tech startup spaces and advancing each of my clients’ businesses further towards their vision. When you work with Symbiotic Public Relations, we’re in collaboration at every step.

How It Works at Symbiotic

Here you can be confident you’ll get much more than your basic PR needs met. Much of what we do falls under four main services —

  • Growing brand awareness
  • Enhancing brand visibility
  • Strengthening your strategic messaging
  • Positioning you as a thought leader

Because we see the width and possibilities in our collaboration, we also offer complementary marketing services for full spectrum PR support. These might include digital marketing strategy, graphic design, and content writing. 

Why Should You Invest in PR?

Get on Their Radar

In general, public relations is all about visibility. You’re doing something amazing, and you need to get it out there so that people know about it! Business owners, marketing departments, and investors seek out public relations support to gain visibility. 

But of course you want strategic visibility — to connect with the right people and present the best image when you do it. 

You have a target audience. Make sure you’re on their radar — that they know who you are and what you’re up to. This is where campaigns come in.

A Winning PR Campaign

To be honest, for me a winning campaign starts with my clients. I am honored to work with companies that have amazing products and services to offer the world. They are change makers in their fields and bring truly quality experiences to their customers. 

It’s a treat for me to be connected with such awesome companies. When we’re starting from a foundation of integrity like that, the work of public relations is clear and simple. I bring my keen eye for this field, a hearty dose of natural talent, and a top-notch work ethic. I’m proud to say I’ve had some beautiful successes for my clients. What’s my secret? 

There’s no need to keep this one quiet. 

I seriously value the time I spend on the front end with my clients getting to know each other. In our first weeks working together, I want to be clear and direct, ask all the right questions, and make sure I understand the message each client wants to present to the world. From there, I work with my connections in the field and center my outreach on specific reporters who I know have a reason to celebrate my clients too. 

Typical PR campaigns take an average of six to nine months, but I’ve also worked with clients for longer periods to develop voice and messaging and create new pathways to visibility that build towards their long-term success.

I’m down to shout these secrets from the rooftops, because I see the benefit these perspectives bring to my life and my work and I want them to become more of a reality for all of us.

Choose to Thrive

I hope you’re feeling more clear about what PR is, what I’m about when it comes to the field of public relations, and what it could mean for you in business. Whatever your vision for your work in the world, you are likely to find that PR support can help you grow in the right direction in ways you can’t on your own. When it comes to making choices for your business, I recommend you find the partnerships and collaborations that help you thrive. If my perspective is jiving with you, send me a note. Let’s talk about how a public relations campaign could evolve your business.

Here’s to this exciting moment for business, to you, and to the total success of your vision!