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As the founder of Symbiotic Public Relations, I celebrate collaboration and the real growth that’s possible when we work with caring and driven people.

I’m a passionate entrepreneur myself, and I know what it takes to make a business work. With experience in fields like consumer goods, venture capital, medical technology, agriculture, and artificial intelligence, today I support new and growing businesses to strengthen and enhance their public image and visibility. I specialize in PR for CPG because I love working with brands who offer something change-making for our world.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Symbiotic Public Relations is a lot like me — down-to-earth, 100% real, and ready to make change. I live at the edge of emergent PR trends and creative ideas to usher in even more innovative ideas. I love talking to businesses about what I do.  If you’re curious about what our collaboration could look like, let’s connect and chat about what Symbiotic Public Relations can do for you.



With over 12 years of industry experience, Alisha Dickinson is a public relations veteran who excels at out-of-the-box thinking, she specializes in promoting fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, and has vast experience in assisting with new product launches, celebrity campaigns, social media campaigns, and influencer campaigns. Throughout her career she has worked hard to establish deep relationships with the media, demonstrated through a consistent flow of top tier placements secured for clients in top-tier outlets.

CPG & Wellness Maven



Marcía Schuffman is a strategic planning pro with extensive knowledge in creating and implementing come-to-market strategies. Her strengths include but are not limited to: company packaging for investor review, situational problem-solving, onboard strategy of new hires & customers; viability testing; customer expectation management, engagement & relationship processes, and much more. Her favorite industries to work alongside are, agtech, CPG, medtech, and veteran-owned and operated startups.

Strategic Initiatives & Planner



Jason Holley, Ph.D. is a seasoned media relations consultant and expert who's worked with some of the largest companies driving the U.S. and global economies -- from cutting-edge health tech startups to defense contractors. He's secured earned coverage in Bloomberg, Forbes, NPR, Business Insider, Politico, and Newsy, just to name a few. With a Ph.D. in communication from Cornell University, Jason possesses the ability to accurately distill information in ways most compelling for media and target audiences.

Tech Guru



Haylee builds strategic CPG brands in the Wellness, and Food + Bev space. She is passionate about the intersection of strategy and design because she believes that strategy leads to creative, thoughtful, and impactful brands. She believes that strategy leads creative, thoughtful, and impactful brands. Her design style is bold, elevated, and approachable in a space that can often be cold and hoity-toity.




Graham is a writer and editor who’s passionate about creating content that's dynamic and clear to entice, inform, and educate your readers. A mediator at heart, Graham is here for connection. Graham works with marketing experts and SEO experts to provide optimization that will work for you.




Cameron is a professional in web design. He has been designing websites for over 6 years and can create just about anything you can imagine. He creates websites on the most advanced website creation platform, Webflow. All of his work is custom and personal to each and every brand he works with.

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