From the Founder: Micaela Schuffman on Creating Symbiotic PR

Building a Meaningful Workplace & a Meaningful Life

✓  Living my dream

✓  Creating a business that does meaningful work

✓  Working with talented, committed people

✓  Trying to make a difference in this wild world

Symbiotic Public Relations is a treasure to me. The kind you find when you’ve got a natural talent for the work you really love. When you sit down at your desk on a Monday morning and know that you will bring the fire today and tomorrow and every day this week. Literally, living my best life.

That’s why I love public relations. The sweet spot for me was and has always been the connections — with clients, with journalists, with colleagues. Whether I’m meeting with a long-time friend or a recent stranger, I bring my whole heart to my work in every setting. I’m honored that such brilliant people trust me to amplify their life’s work.

Getting Started

My first steps on this journey weren’t quite in the world of public relations. I put my psychology degree to use at a venture capital firm helping to analyze and strategize effective messaging and marketing for different demographics.

I was living and working on the other side of the globe, stoking the fires of possibility and imagining ways the world could be better. But it didn’t take long for me to find someplace closer to home where I could explore these questions and grow something meaningful. 

I was introduced to public relations as an intern in Israel. I scaled up slowly and learned how distinctive the experiences of people in other cultures were from my expectations being educated about business in the US. I was curious about what I learned and wanted more opportunities to apply my knowledge.

Within weeks at a talent-filled PR firm, I felt clear about the possibility I envisioned for myself and my clients — a workplace centered on authenticity, where I could embrace my natural gifts for public relations and be totally real, totally me. 

True to Self at Home, at Work, Everywhere

I’m deeply passionate. I’m committed to my work. I’m an adventurous spirit. I love to travel and immerse myself in each culture I encounter — tasting all the foods, listening to all the stories, and ultimately trying to have a better understanding of the why for people all over the world. 

When you look at me, you’ll see a joyful spirit with caring eyes. My smile reflects my genuine pleasure in figuring out how to be a good human. My tattoos mark my memories and my dreams. 

I want my days and the work that fills them to be an expression of my heart, so today I am building a business where I can share my gifts and support my clients in sharing theirs. 

Being myself is the most powerful force I bring to my work. At Symbiotic Public Relations, that is inherently part of our culture. So I get to do what I love — go to work every day with passion and integrity, light up the people around me and be lit up by them too. I get to be myself and connect with clients whose work resonates with me and my gifts. 

Crafting a New Business Culture in PR

Through all of my experiences and a hearty dose of dreaming, Symbiotic Public Relations was born. This brilliant boutique PR agency strives to connect awesome voices and celebrate products and visions that, like us at Symbiotic, are literally changing the game. 

Our work is all about relationships — clients’ relationship to their businesses, our relationship with our clients, and Symbiotic’s connections with reporters and media and the world.

We are not your ordinary workplace. We’re a collective of creative and talented people seeking a full and balanced life. We prioritize the health and well being of our team. We celebrate collaboration and the ideas that are born when you bring people with different experiences, stories, and skills, who all love to work together, under one (virtual) roof. 

Open to Change

Of course, everything changes with time. The ideal culture, ethics, and vibe at Symbiotic Public Relations is a vision we tend to daily. We are learning all the time. And even in these early days of our work together as we build the foundations of the Symbiotic dream, we’re finding every bit of it is worth it. 

Yes, we do things differently — not just for the sake of it, but because we’re committed to finding the best way to do it. We’re here to celebrate our clients’ beautiful business stories, strengthen the presence of their voices in the world, and be agents of change in consumer culture. And we’re living into our own authenticity as we do it. So here we grow.